Ignite! Learning is the first digital content solution to integrate with SMART™.

As the global leader in instructional technology, SMART™ Technologies absolutely understands today's teacher. As a service to districts everywhere, Ignite! Learning collaborated with SMART™ to create a combined solution that leverages the power of SMART™ Response clickers, the interactivity of the SMART™ Board, and the ubiquity of SMART™ Notebook with our digital content system.

The Ignite! Torch - Made for SMART

The first iteration of this relationship is the Ignite! Torch—Made for SMART™, the first partner product to ever carry the SMART name and we are the first company to ever receive SMART™ Elite status. The Ignite! Torch is available in the U.S. and Canada with alignments to state and Common Core standards, configured to district priorities in math, science, and social studies. Future releases will incorporate exciting new multi-touch capabilities!