Ignite! Learning is the first digital content solution to integrate with Promethean.

Promethean was the first instructional technology company to recognize that their customers needed more options to use the phenomenally effective ActivExpression student response devices in day-to-day instruction. While there are thousands of lessons available in the form of Flipcharts, teachers and administrators desired a solution that is plug and play, aligned to state and local standards, interactive, and incorporative of all the fantastic advantages of the ActivClassroom.

Promethean Powered

Ignite! Learning and Promethean teamed up in late 2008 to develop a solution, and in Spring 2009 our Promethean Powered product was introduced to rave reviews. In 2010, the Ignite! Torch was brought to market, and the new and improved Ignite! ION enterprise edition arrived as well.

The Future

With the acquisition of SynapticMash, Promethean has proven again their commitment to remain on the cutting edge of interactive and engaging real-time student assessment. Look for future Ignite! Learning releases to incorporate this exciting new technology!