Ignite! Learning's belief in the locality of educational priorities is put into direct practice for our school district partners by our embedded local scope & sequence (and pacing calendars) service.

We work with curriculum and instruction leaders at each of our district partners to intimately understand and then incorporate our partners' daily instructional frameworks. The innovative media and software development expertise at Ignite! uniquely integrates these vital instructional guidelines directly into the interface of our digital content solution. The power of locality is married with the practicality of ease-of-use for all of our partners' classroom teachers.

Local Alignment Process

It's clear that correlation to state or Common Core standards is not sufficient for most districts. That's why Ignite! now offers a service to correlate our digital materials to your district's scope and sequence or pacing calendar. New for the 2010/2011 school year, Ignite! is excited to announce that this service is available and we're ready to demonstrate how we can help your district immediately. Ignite!'s team of instructional experts will work with your staff to understand your unique curricular needs, and quickly work to produce a sample integrated alignment for your review. The entire process can take as little as two weeks depending on the depth of correlation you desire, and requires no heavy lifting by district staff.

  • Administrators can rest assured that the investment in Ignite! materials will be adopted and used
  • Teachers will have no problem knowing where and when to incorporate Ignite! into existing instructional resources
  • Students will experience a more cohesive instructional plan