Ignite! Learning's digital content solution includes qualified instructional support that analyzes our school partners' needs.

Ignite! Learning is dedicated to partnering with its schools, delivering high-level training and implementation support with its multimedia curriculum to increase student results. Our goal of fidelity between the curriculum and the service schools receive will earn academic success for schools and children. Our highly experienced instructional support staff will analyze the needs of your school and direct professional development to meet and exceed those needs.

Ignite! Learning is your partner in professional development.

We want you to be successful and we understand the on-going need for staying up-to-date on the most current education trends.

Ignite! Learning's seasoned master educators will analyze the needs of your students, school, and district and work closely with your campus to deliver on-site and ongoing professional development for your unique needs. As a full, educational solution, we endeavor to work alongside you to help your school exceed the goals it sets. We will keep regular contact and provide thorough, data-based and qualitative analysis rooted in an authentic and invested understanding of your school.

  • We provide flexible delivery options tailored to meet your specific needs!
  • With a range of sessions available, you can choose topics relevant to you and your school!
  • Our team of experts will analyze the needs of your school and design and customize professional development sessions based on your desired end-goals.

In-Person Professional Development

Ignite! Learning offers various courses which can be conducted in as little as 4 hours or combined to create customized full day sessions. Educators choose which topics are most relevant to their training needs and design both a productive and meaningful experience to produce immediate results in the classroom.

Course Topics and Descriptions

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Administrators focused on improving academic achievement are constantly challenged with making clear decisions using data that is either incomplete or inconclusive. Which programs are working? Which curricular investments justify expansion? Which justify expulsion?

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Ignite Vision Live Demo

This lack of clarity leads to guessing which programs are garnering success, and which are simply interesting. There is a distinct need for actionable and clear information that can help identify whether an investment is making an impact.

Ignite! Vision

Ignite! Vision is a powerful new product available as an additional component to the Ignite! ION enterprise solution. Vision is a proprietary new system that collects and interprets data related to the usage of the Ignite! curriculum, specifically:

  • Verify Usage: Is your district seeing a positive return on investment? Are teachers adopting the program? With Ignite! Vision, an administrator can view the average time used per class period, amount of assessment questions polled, whether or not integrated learner response systems are being used, and more.
  • Dashboard Metrics: Is your information readily accessible and is it actionable? In one simple screen, Ignite! Vision displays data showing the systemic adoption of the Ignite! program with the ability to sort and slice information to suit the target need.
  • Model Success: Are you getting the maximum benefit of the system? Ignite! Vision allows administrators to quickly analyze usage patterns of successful teachers and model success with other struggling classrooms. Ignite! Professional Development can help analyze data and model behavior using your specific district roadmap for success.
Future releases will include mobile applications and more robust visual data modeling.

Ignite! is ready to support your district priorities today! To learn more about our instructional design, comprehensive support and training, or integrated assessment capabilities, please check out the other tabs on this Solutions page – or contact Ignite! today to speak to a sales representative!

Ignite! Learning's belief in the locality of educational priorities is put into direct practice for our school district partners by providing qualified professional development which addresses needs by analyzing the local instructional guidelines and outcomes.

We offer to embed our partners' local scope & sequence as a product integration service. Whether or not our school customers choose that service, our training and instructional support always begins with taking into account the local instruction guidelines and unique needs of each of our customers. We design professional development programs which are customized to the academic, curricular, and instructional goals of our partnered schools.

Whether embedded Common Core, State or Local standards of instruction, Ignite! always considers the efficient application of these practical standards-based features into our interface for use in our partners' classrooms. The benefit for teaching and learning is optimizing on-target instruction, building teacher capacity, and ensuring academic priorities are commonly covered by all teachers efficiently utilizing Ignite!'s digital content solution.

One of the most unique aspects to the ION is Ignite!'s Local Alignment Service. As an upgrade option, we will work with your district's instructional leadership team and incorporate your custom scope and sequence or pacing calendar into the teacher interface of the ION. There is no other option available on the market today that provides such a deep level of integration with existing instructional plans!

Anderson 2 School District in South Carolina

As seen below, Anderson Two School District in South Carolina has had this service provided for them to allow their classroom teachers to conveniently integrate the Ignite! Learning curriculum into their everyday lessons.

As an added feature, we will even embed your district's logo in our interface!

Ignite! is ready to support your district priorities today! To learn more about our instructional design, comprehensive support and training, or integrated assessment capabilities, please check out the other tabs on this Solutions page – or contact Ignite! today to speak to a sales representative!