Ignite! Learning was founded in 1999. The early years of the company were devoted to market research and product development. The first curriculum developed by Ignite! Learning was a lab-based, comprehensive Early American History course.

Since 2002, we have continued to develop research-based, standards-aligned classroom curriculum, and now offer educators an engaging, whole-class instructional approach to math, science, and social studies. After realizing the lab delivery did not meet the needs of educators, Ignite! Learning developed the COW (Curriculum On Wheels). The COW is a delivery platform invented specifically for whole-class instruction in the classroom.

In 2008, Ignite! Learning recognized the advancement of technology in classrooms and released the Brick and ION as additional delivery devices for the media. Now, we have the more standards-aligned interfaces in the Torch with compatibility to major learner response systems and much more ahead on the horizon!


Ignite! Learning's Company History

The Future

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