Ignite! Learning is now integrated with eInstruction.

The partnership enables the immediate and automatic scoring, recording and review of student responses with eInstruction's CPS™ student response systems with formal tests or as whole-class reviews.

This integration provides educators with instant, real-time formative assessments to help them make data driven decisions during instruction. It also provides administrators with student performance data to help them gauge student progress and understanding.

The Ignite! Torch - seamlessly integrated with eInstruction's SRS technology.

There is a strong emphasis on all Ignite! solutions to be extremely easy to use, and this integration is no exception. The Torch requires zero software installation — it's literally a "plug and teach" solution. All technical requirements are easy to meet and, now, it's easier than ever to get started. Our solutions integrate with both the eInstruction CPS™ and CPS™ Pulse - IR and RF Technology.